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Sunday, July 15, 2012
By Glenn Perry

So there are these guys. Good guys. They mean business. Music business to be exact. The also know what it's like to be in a young struggling band, trying to navigate the colossal voyage of getting a band off the ground with no money, no guidance, no producer, no manager, no rehearsal space, no quality recording, and a mountain to move to try and get noticed. That was 20 years ago.

Now they're older, wiser, and have a keen understanding of what tools a band needs to give them a shot at success. Enter Crypt Studios. A one stop complex for musicians, by musicians, that offers everything a band could desire to help them along and up the ladder of fame and fortune. Rehearsal spaces, state of the art recording studio, management options, marketing tools, merchandising tools, promo photography, videography, you name it. Hell, they even have 24/7 guitar string vending machines! All under one roof with state of the art security. This is the vision of Will Foley and Chris Grimes, the music masters behind the metal curtain.

So what does this new venture need to succeed in helping others succeed? Promotion. Exposure.

This is where I come in.


Crypt Studios has commissioned me to shoot their first photographic calendar featuring a new "metal maven" each month in their own unique, over the top fantasy scene. If you've ever been involved in photographing one of these shoots, you understand what's involved in conceptualizing, staging, coordinating, scheduling, organizing, lighting, and creating these kinds of scenes. Just one is a ton of work. I've got 12. Twelve different models, twelve different locations, twelve different scenes to get props for, twelve massive setups, and at least twelve days of extreme amounts of coffee. Can it be done? How will this ambitious project all turn out? Stay tuned...


The Photography of Glenn Perry:

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Gerald Fitzpatrick - Great photos
Gerry - very good job at this.
Paul Vigeant - Nice Work. Went to school with Karen Bullis. Said we needed to check out your work. Now, I can see why. Let me know if you need any help getting the word out.

Paul Vigeant.
Suburban Behemoth
tanmoy biswas - nice things..
david murphy - im so proud of u for wanting to help others in there quest for fame and success. may all ur adventure's be posistive. go WILL!!!!!