The Joy of Massage
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013
By Glenn Perry

If you're anything like me, massage is on your top ten list of favorite activities and when you receive one from someone who really knows what they're doing, it's heaven on Earth. If it's good, I leave  with a feeling of bliss and for the next few hours, nothing can penetrate that bubble of contentment. Jessica Jacques of Joy They Bring Massage Therapy is one of those special people that can provide you with that state of mind as well as work out all those knots and kinks. It's amazing to me that the massaging of muscle can release so much stress as well as those euphoric endorphines.


Recently, Jessica asked if I could provide some photography for her new business and I was happy to help out. The best part about shooting for clients like this is that in most cases, you get to experience their services. Lucky me!!!


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Renee Sullivan - Glenn,
You did a great job photographing Jessica (although it's probably easy to photograph her because she's so easy to work with). I have also experienced the joy of massage with Jessica and I always feel like I don't want it to end.

Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.