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Collings Foundation - American Elegance
Tuesday, May 29, 2012
End of August

Though The Collings Foundation is most known for its collection of flying military aircraft, many who have not visited haven't laid eyes on their incredible automotive collection. This Father's Day weekend, the cars will finally be out on display for the public to see. Here's a link to the festivities:'s some of the latest images I've shot for their "American Elegance" open house: 1932 Duesenberg SJ Dual-Cowl Phaeton   1935 Packard Model 1208, Convertible Sedan   1927 Rolls Royce Springfield Phantom 1 Phaeton  Here's a link to some additional images from the shoot: American EleganceI ...

3D Coffee
Saturday, March 17, 2012
End of August

A while back I'd been invited to join my good friend and fellow photographer Edward Bissell while he photographed the old abandoned Caravan Coffee warehouse in downtown Worcester, MA before it was torn down. While he was working on documenting the decay and beauty of the place for an upcoming photo show, I decided to try out a new technique to create 3D images.We needed to wear respirators as the place was filled with mold and mildew, not to mention the dangers of walking around 3 floors of a dilapidated building with debris everywhere.You'll need to wear the classic 3D glasses with the red filter over your left eye and the blue filter over your right eye to see the images properly. Here ...

Collings Foundation Race Car Collection
Thursday, December 15, 2011
End of August

  Recently, I had the exciting opportunity to photograph a race car collection at The Collings Foundation in Stow, MA. They are a great organization that collects, restores, and actively flys and drives these amazing, historic aircraft and vehicles. They have the only actively flying B-24 Liberator bomber from WWII in the world.My grandfather Harold Simmons, who was a B-24 pilot in the big war, loved and frequently visited the foundation and got to know them. Eventually, they flew him and my grandmother from New Hampshire to Worcester, MA in that Liberator, making him one of the happiest men alive. When he recently passed away, they made it a point to repeatedly buzz his ...

Water Sculptures
Tuesday, November 15, 2011
End of August

I'd picked up a macro lens and was eager to use it on something unique. In the past, I'd played around with water droplet photography a bit but without the macro and hi-speed strobe, I couldn't really achieve what I was looking for. Now, with some of the proper equipment, I could give it a go and see what happens.I created a setup using a couple speedlights and a fixed, braced eyedropper. Then with some painstaking focusing and depth of field work I was ready to take the first exposure. Holy cow! It worked!!! Here's the result of my first hour of shooting:     Here's a second droplet splashing off the top of the first droplet: Odd and intriguing shapes took ...

The Unexpected
Saturday, October 15, 2011
End of August

 Sometimes, when on an assignment, unexpected photo opportunities reveal themselves that have nothing to do with the shoot itself.While out and about shooting the president of a university, I happened to catch this gentleman having lunch at a local diner. No big deal until clouds quickly gathered and created this rather dramatic scene. I had just enough time to get a few quick pictures off before the light, clouds, and the subject totally changed and the mood was gone.I really didn't know what I had, having to move so quickly, until I got home and WOW! You can read whatever you want into the "message" of the image but there's a certain gravity to it I like. His focused stare and the ...

Wonder Girl
Thursday, September 01, 2011
End of August

  The daughter of a good friend of mine was really into superheros and her uncle does costume design for Broadway shows. I saw various shots of her in these cool costumes he'd made and instantly this scenario popped into my head. I had to make it happen.I pitched my idea and everyone involved was psyched. As I had no budget to build props, buy costumes, or pay models, I had to pull the friendship card and beg for volunteers. Luckily, I have a few friends!This incredible shoot was as involved as it looks. In order to get twelve or thirteen burglars to all show up for a photo shoot, at least 18 or 20 had to be secured. Safety people had to be located behind our star in case she took ...

Slot Car Photography - My Inner Geek
Sunday, May 01, 2011
End of August

 We all have our inner enthusiest (geek) to express and well, mine emerges in the form of slot cars. I even have my own 80’ 1/32 scale Scalextric Digital track. Total nutcase. It wasn’t long before slot cars and photography were to collide when I was contacted by Electric Dreams, a major and completely awesome U.S. slot car empire. They asked me to contribute some of my slot photography for a feature in their newsletter.Here’s the result:  Also, here's a link to a Facebook gallery of the images: Breaknek Raceway Any geeks out there? Please visit ...